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Clinic ProductsSkincare ProductsPeeling S.T.B. 2 (glycolic acid 35%)

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50 ML

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Effect: As this is the smallest molecule of all fruit acids, glycolic acid based peel easily penetrates the epidermis and exerts the most pronounced effect. It reduces hyperpigmentation and acts as a keratolytic. It has a powerful rejuvenating action, it is used when correcting hyperpigmentation and post-acne. The main indications for using the glycolic acid peel are: deep and surface cleansing, peeling and thinning of the stratum corneum, accompanied by a progressive thickening of other layers of epidermis due to collagen proliferation. It boosts the cell metabolism, increases hydration and the thickness of the dermis, evens out the complexion, corrects the age-related hyperpigmentation spots, corrects wrinkles in fine-wrinkled type of ageing. The unique aspects of this procedure – this peel is easily tolerated, does not cause extreme peeling off of the skin. A “social” peeling.

Ingredients: Glycolic acid 35%, Salicylic acid, pH 1,9.

Instructions for use: in accordance with the treatment protocols.


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