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Microneedling, skin needling or collagen induction therapy leads the way in skin rejuvenation

Kit Included x 20 Treatments (full price only)

One Day Course: 11AM – 5PM



We have made this course to discover your hidden talents.

The main reason for clinics receiving bad reviews is because of a lack of information about the consequences of the procedure and clearly prescribed home care. This is another part – professionalism. This is the base of long studying: anatomy, dermatology, physiology, chemistry, physics, hygiene and other disciplines. This information help beauty therapist control treatment process effectiveness and risks. We offer intense one-day course which will include essential information from all vital disciplines which will bring your confidence in new level.

So what do you expect my darling beauty therapist from a course of microneedling? – Is to provide high level knowledgeable treatment which will bring a high income. Our team of high professionals will lead you from the start (health and safety) till the end (how to sell and make your business more profitable) to fulfill your expectations and bring “fresh air” to your business.

Once you have successfully completed your training course, you will be:

– Qualified to offer microneedling treatment safely and effectively and be able to help your clients to deal with a range of skin conditions including acne, scarring, lines, wrinkles, and more;

  • Be able to create individual treatment plans for your specific clients;

  • Will have 24 hours ongoing WhatsApp support.

Course content and lesson plan:

This is an intensive course that covers both theory of practical application of skin Microneedling.

10 am – Course Introduction. Theoretical part:

  • Health and safety;

  • Sterilisation and hygiene;

  • Anatomy (skin layers, cells, nutrients and polymers);

  • Fitzpatrick scale (skin photo-type);

  • Skin type and conditions

  • Causes of skin aging;

  • Therapeutic approaches;

  • Microneedling history;

  • Principle of Dermapen action;

  • Indications;

  • Contraindications;

  • Effects;

  • How does Dermapen works in different zones (scars, pigmentation, rejuvenation, acne)

  • Microneedling pen;

  • Meso cocktails;

  • Dermapen VS Dermaroller;

  • Introduction to BB Glow treatment;

  • How to sell and gain your business more efficiently.

Lunch 14.00 – 14.30

14:30 – Interactive practical workshop. Demonstration of microneedling treatment;

  • Hygiene;

  • Treatment preparation;

  • Client consultation;

  • Protocol of treatment – step by step;

  • Client recommendations and Aftercare.

Course finishing at 17.30

  1. Students without beauty therapist education: get a certificate of complexion (diploma);

  2. Beauty therapists with level 3 NVQ, Dentists, Nurses, Medical workers: get accredited international diploma by Beauty Industry Approval with ability to insure microneedling treatment under their qualification. To get an accredited diploma students need to pass homework: in 4 weeks time send on academy e-mail 3 before and after model pictures (treating three different types of skin and conditions: post-acne scars, skin aging, skin hydration) + examination test (include 30 questions).

Our insurance providers: Insync Insurance (UK), Bolt Insurance (UK), Policy Bee (UK), Munster Group (UK). ASCP Skincare (USA), Salon Insurance (Australia), AbbeyGate Insurance (Spain).

To be a great beauty therapist is not just to have work equipment and a certified diploma, is to be much more. To be the best it should be your passion, a thing where you completely happy and your working process is something close to meditation. If it’s true, you get an unlimited source of information about the client and process coming from the universe. Looking at the face of client you already can predict what is a real contraindication for him and what treatment plan would be the best for him, even if its not defies to logic. The main key is honesty, being brave, and the desire to benefit people.

We have made our academy with a desire to show you how to get connected to the biggest universal liberty of information. I have experienced it, and I will show you how to get the best results in your career. Never loses a chance to get another quality of experience. Be more ambitious. Never get the truth somewhere on the middle, get the best for you and your career.

Principle of microneedling action:

The principle of action of fractional microneedling is based on mechanical damage to the skin, followed by a regenerative reaction. The thinnest needles of pen create immediately closing micro-traumas, which leads to the stimulation of the work of fibroblasts, the release of growth factors, and cell proliferation in the form of neocollagenesis and neoangiogenesis. The newly formed young collagen fibers, elastin, and capillaries are embedded in the dermis without the formation of fibrosis, since the micro-trauma closes within a few minutes and the scarring of the connective tissue does not occur.

Stem cells – a building material, a strategic reserve, consisting of immature cells. At the command of the skin, they are rapidly integrated into the destroyed tissues and acquire their properties. Together with them fibroblasts migrating, recreating new young cells. Within 24 hours after the procedure of fractional microneedling of the face, they eliminate the remnants of damaged, dead cells, old collagen, elastin, outdated melanin; restore the upper layer of the epidermis, forming at the same time updated.

The severity of the repair processes is enhanced by the active components of the meso cocktails applied to the skin before exposure. Through the microchannels formed, the substances penetrate far inland and remain in the deep layers of the skin, acting many times more efficiently than with the transdermal delivery method.


  • Wrinkles and fine skin density

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Rosacea

  • Skin flaccidity

  • Sun damage

  • Stretch marks

  • Rejuvenation

  • Alopecia (baldness)

  • Hypertrophic, keloid, post-acne and postsurgical scars

Microneedling pen:

Fractional microneedling pen is a portable device that operates in the mini-stamp mode, the form of a pen with interchangeable needle tips. Dermapen needles are capable of changing length and making oscillatory movements. Dermapen can be used in the cabin and at home. The procedure does not require complex skills and special licensing of the salon. The device operates on the network. Each procedure is performed using replaceable sterile cartridges for 12-36 needles, the length of which is adjustable from 0.25 to 2.5 millimeters. Each needle has a stylet sharpening, therefore it damages superficial cells and targets the deep layers of the dermis. That is why the procedure practically does not cause discomfort, although in some cases an anesthetic is used. The ability to control the length of the needles and the vibration of the device create conditions for complex treatment.

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